Could I just just simply take parental leave if my partner unemployed?

Hello! We relocated to Sweden, and I also see back at my pages I take 90 days for parental leave if my wife unemployed? 2) How much from my salary I’ll have for parental benefits after 1 year of work that I have 240 days for parental leave1) Can?

1) Yes you’ll, the best to your parental advantage do perhaps not rely on if both parents are utilized or otherwise not.

2) The basic guideline is whenever a young child exists the moms and dads have actually 480 times of parental advantage designed for the little one. The initial 180 times that moms and dads make an application for have actually certain conditions.

To begin with, those times must be on S-level (sjukpenningniva). The 2nd guideline says that in case a moms and dad is utilized those very very first 180 times on S-level are given out in line with the present earnings but as long as the moms and dad that is trying to get days past happens to be used by 8 months ahead of the kid was created if that parent’s annual earnings was at minimum 82 100 SEK.

The parent trying to get parental advantage would must also have the right up to a annual income (SGI) in order to be compensated centered on that annual earnings. You have the directly to SGI if they’re used by at the least six months or even the employed can be viewed become ongoing for at the least six months. For instance an individual spent some time working just 4 months however the agreement is finalized for a few months plus the individual remains employed. This kind of instance we could expect that the work will carry on additionally the individual might have straight to the SGI.

Following the very first 180 times of parental advantage happens to be usage when it comes to youngster, the moms and dads can put on for several days on both S or L degree when they need to therefore the condition to be used by at the least 8 months ahead of the delivery of son or daughter with certain minimum earnings isn’t needed any longer.

If your moms and dad will not match the condition of employment prior to the delivery associated with youngster, then benefit could possibly be compensated on a simple degree that will be 250 SEK per time before income tax.

You would be able to receive for parental benefit based on your current income, you can always use our online function called Kassakollen available here if you would like to count how much money.

Additional information will come in English right right here.

We have relocated to Sweden along side my partner and 2 and half years son that is old. I will be presently employed and my wife is unemployed looking after our son. I needed to learn concerning the parental advantage we are entitled to!

I need to apply for leaves from my current employment for the number of days I want to avail the benefits 1. If I want to apply for my part of parental benefit separately – then do? Or, am I able to avail the parental advantages as well as my present work (to ensure i actually do perhaps maybe not simply simply take break from my active work)?

1. 2nd question, since my wife is unemployed and she really wants to avail parental beneifts. She hold Personal number aswell (but not Swedish ID card yetus parental benefits). Can I transfer all my leaves to her to avail both of? Since she has have an Swedish ID yet, can she submit an application for the huge benefits by visiting forsakringskassan Office?

2. Since my spouse doesn’t hold any banking account in Sweden, can she connect her compensated down benefits to my bank that is swedish account? Can she do so by visiting forsakringskassan Office? Or, she’s going to need certainly to mandatorily bank that is open in Sweden to get the power re payments?

You solution will accordingly help as plan.

1. Parental benefit has three compensation that is different. One degree is dependant on how big is your revenue, as the other two amounts pay you a hard and fast amount a day.

The illness benefit level sjukpenningniva is dependent on your illness benefit income that is qualifying. It pertains to you when you’ve got work and earnings. In the benefit that is parental you mark a single day with S or sjukpenningniva. You can not take the parental benefits together with your current employment (you cannot be at work) if you are eligible to take parental benefits based on the level of your salary,. Which means whenever you make an application for this standard of parental advantage, you need to be all time along with your kid.

The compensation that is second, known as the fundamental level grundniva, is SEK 250 each day. You might be entitled to the level that is basic you have experienced little if any earnings. Regarding the benefit that is parental you mark the afternoon with S or sjukpenningniva.

The compensation that is third, named the minimum level lagstaniva, can last for 3 months. The minimal level is SEK 180 a day. In the benefit that is parental you mark your day with L or lagstaniva.

You will be qualified to receive complete parental advantage during the fundamental grundniva, or minimal lagstaniva degree in case your son or daughter reaches the afternoon care for not any longer than 7 hours just about every day or perhaps you work no more than 7 hours away from a 8 hour day that is working.

2. You’ll deliver to your spouse several of your times. This can be done via Mina Sidor if you’ve got a bank ID. If you don’t have bank ID apply in the type 7470 „Anmalan avsta foraldrapenning”.

In the event the spouse does not have a bank yet ID, she has to make an application for parental advantage regarding the paper kind which she can purchase by calling the amount: 0771 524 524 or by visiting one of our workplaces. Take into account that the re payments of parental advantage can be carried out only when you might be registered at Forsakringskassan. Verify that both you and your spouse are registered, if you don’t deliver us a software 5456 „Utredning av forsakringstillhoringhet” utilizing the appropriate accessories being detailed under point 11 in the kind.

3. We are able to spend down your wife’s benfits for your requirements. Your spouse has to complete a document 5606 „Fullmakt utbetalning till annan individual” which you yourself can find on our site.

Because this is a general public forum, I’m able to just reply to your concerns in line with the information you’ve got provided on this page. In the event that you wish to get more in depth information about your instance, it’s a good idea in the event that you call our help on: 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English).

At this time you are able to nevertheless see 480 days when you look at the system, but in the system accordingly after you send us your first application, we will check how many days of parental benefit you are eligible to and adjust it.

Additionally, it is essential to underline that, this might be a forum that is public we could just response to concerns as a whole. You could contact our Consumer Centre in the phone number 0771-524 524 (press 8 for English) to obtain more information on your particular case.

Hello, You can learn about son or daughter allowance here.

Regarding taking parental advantage if your kid is with in college and should you not work or learn, you’ll find information in these pages and under “Frequently asked concerns”.

When you make the application for parental advantage, you are able to register your money on the application.

In the event that you call our support on: 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English) if you would like to receive more detailed information, it is best.

The Social that is swedish Insurance has restricted abilities to respond to questions associated with specific situations about this forum. We consequently request you to contact our consumer center when you have concerns associated with your case that is specific by telephone quantity 0771 524524 and press 8 to obtain attached to the English line.

Our phone lines are available the hours that are following

Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

There are also information in these pages and under “Frequently asked concerns”.

Kindly see the past articles (as an example by Ozge 30 May) in this thread for responses to your concerns.

Many thanks for the question. The processing time for enrollment situations have become very long at this time. Normally it takes as much as six months or maybe more. Nonetheless, it depends upon what sort of payment you will need from Forsakringskassan.


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